Nativity Statue Sizes

The Big Nativity statues are truly larger than life size, they are scaled to 8 feet tall. This makes for a most impressive display, even at a distance. These outdoor nativity statues are the largest and finest nativity statues available. The table below provides size and weight specifications for each statue. These sizes reflect actual statue size, and do not take into consideration the added elevation of a pallet or platform for display.

Big Nativity Premium Scale with 6 Foot Man

Big Nativity Premium Scale with 6 Foot Man

Big Nativity Scale 6 Foot Man

Statue Size (LxHxW) Weight Image
The Holy Family 64″x60″x36″ 230 lbs

Holy Family

Two Wise Men 45″x88″x42″ 270 lbs

Wise Men

Kneeling Wise Man 34″x58″x36″ 150 lbs

Kneeling King

Standing Shepherd 32″x84″x30″ 150 lbs

Standing Shepherd

Shepherd Man and Boy 51″x57″x34″ 200 lbs

Shepherd Man and Boy

Ox 70″x34″x32″ 160 lbs


Donkey 58″x43″x32″ 130 lbs


Ram (Sheep) 42″x25″x31″ 85 lbs


Ewe and Lamb (Sheep) 42″x25″x31″ 90 lbs

Ewe and Lamb

The nativity statues are generally placed on a pallet which gives them an additional 4″-6″ inches of height.  They may also be displayed on platforms and even terraced.  The statues can be placed in any configuration either right or left of the Holy Family.  Spacing between each statue should be at least a couple of feet or more, but of course comes down to personal preference. With the given size and weight of the statues, it is important to have assistance is moving the statues.  It is best to have them moved on dollies or skis to your display location.  They can then very carefully be tipped off the dolly and slid into position of display.