Q.  How much is the shipping?Big Nativity Shipping Crate

A.  It depends on where you are located, how many statues you order, and if you have a lift gate.  We can have a shipping estimate to you within a day or two.  We use many of the main carriers and try to find you the best rate.  We do not make anything on the shipping and we share the shipping invoice with our customers upon request.

Q.  How are the nativity statues packed?

A.  The statues are all crated unless we do a personal delivery and have control over how they are packed, and they are in our care the entire time.  We fabricate either full enclosure crates, or skeleton crates depending on the destination and needs of the customer.  The statues are strapped securely to the crate or we may have a pallet mounted to the bottom of the statue.  If the customer has access to a lift, securing the statues to a pallet makes for any easy way to manage the statues.

Q.  How are they shipped?

A.  We have accounts with a number of carriers and can generally get better rates than what you can do no your own.  However, if you want to use your carrier, you certainly may do so.  Shipment anywhere in the US can generally arrive in a week by truck.

Q.  How do I unload the statues once they arrive?

A.  We can make arrangements for them to be off loaded for you, however that does incur an additional expense.  Unless you have a forklift, we will have to schedule a truck with the lift gate which can drop the statues from the truck down to ground level.  Once the statues are out of the truck, it is your responsibility, unless you have made other arrangements.  One easy way to move them around is to buy a few movers dollies at Home Depot or Lowes.  For about $20 per dolly you have something that moves statues quite well.  They also come in handy when storing the statues when it comes time to move them to the garage, shed, barn or storage.

Q.  Should I inspect the statues when they arrive?

A.  Absolutely yes!  In the unlikely scenario a forklift operator drops it or drives a fork into it, you may have a cracked statue.  It doesn’t happen so don’t worry about it, however it there is any problem, you need to note it on the bill of lading you receive from the driver.  When you ship through us, the statues are insured, but the problem is we don’t have another statue of yours sitting on the shelf waiting to ship as everything is made to order.  In the event of damage call us right away.