Display Nativity Statues on a Flat Surface Where Possible

Your nativity scene will look the best if your display area is fairly level. If your surface is not flat, the statue may be propped up one side bringing it to level, or you may have a platform constructed to accommodate any slope in your landscape.

Keep Statues as Clean as Possible

This mainly applies to making sure the statues are stored as clean as possible. While they are made for outdoors and are able to withstand harsh climates, protect them as you would any valuable product. Protect them from the sun when not in use, keep leaves, grasses and dirt from accumulating on the surface.

Do Not Move Statues Alone

Some of the statues can be easy to move, and some rather difficult. While the statues are cast hollow, the larger statues such as the Holy Family, and Kings are over a couple hundred pounds, and are moved best with 2-3 people. Where possible, use a lift or dollies.

Display Creche Using Stable when Possible

Big Nativity offers a stable designed for the statues which can be purchased. The stable helps to form a backdrop for the statues which helps to tie the entire nativity scene together. Many customers have built their own stable, or they have something in place already which is decorated as a stable. The stable can also help protect some of the statues.

Use Straw around Base of Statues

Straw looks very natural and is much better than grass for display. Straw will also conceal the pallet if you choose to have the statues mounted on pallets. Usually one straw bail is enough for the Starter Set, while two to three can be used for the Premium 9 Piece Set.