The maquettes, are small models of the final sculpture.  You start sculpting the maquette using a wire armature which is in proportion to all the other armatures you are designing in your sculpting scene or model.  You start by applying the muscle structure, then the clothing.  This process ensures that your sculptures stay true to proportion.  Any part of the anatomy which is off on a small scale, is highly amplified and very distorted as you sculpt in heroic size.

Sculpting the nativity statues to be larger than life size

The finished nativity statues will be enlarged to 8′ tall people.  The maquettes are not taken to the point of doing a detail finish, as they will simply be used as models to create heroic size armatures.  Again, scale and accuracy are very important, but detail is a little less important.  Once the maquettes are completed, we will digitally scan the sculptures with a laser scanner.