Each statue from Big Nativity is crated with extreme care. We pride ourselves in having a great track record in shipping our life size outdoor statuary. As a matter of fact we have yet to have a statue which has arrived broken, and we have shipped over 400 life size or larger outdoor statues around the world! When the nativity statues arrive, the driver will have a lift gate and drop the crates down to ground level at your location.

You can move the crates to a garage until you are ready to display them for Christmas, or you may break down the crates at that point. Many customers prefer to have the statues pre-mounted on a pallet, this enables them to move the nativity statues with a pallet jack, forklift, or even dollies. At the studio, we find the easiest way to move statues around is to simply have them on a 18″ piano dolly.  We like the actual movers dollies which are about $35, as they have much better wheels than the $20 dollies at Home Depot.  If you are moving the statues over snow or lawn, a nice way to move them is an old pair of skis with the bindings taken off, and you slide the statue right across the lawn or snow.  It works great! For nativity scene orders which are one state away from Utah, we can arrange to trailer the statues ourselves and assist with the off loading.