Rotational Casting the Big Nativity Statues

The larger than life size nativity statues are cast or fabricated using the rotational casting method. This casting method allows for excellent detail, capturing every impression of the mold surface. The rotational casting method also allows for uniform thickness of the cast statue. This translates to a beautiful casting with great strength and integrity.

Video of CNC Machine Carving Nativity Armature

The huge molds are placed in the rotational machine using brackets which are fabricated specifically for each mold.  The molds are oriented into the machine in such a way that enables the casting material to be introduced into the mold easily. The mold then spins on the rotational casting machine allowing the casting material to reach into every part of the mold.  After the casting material hardens, it is time to remove the mold from the rotational casting machine.  The statues are reinforced with fiberglass and urethane foam, making them extremely strong.

Post painting the nativity statues gives them a very different look and [...]

Casting the larger than life size nativity statues starts with the assembly of the molds.  The molds are carefully assembled so that [...]

It is the moment of truth.  All the hard work has gone into the design, sculpting, and mold making of the nativity [...]