It is the moment of truth.  All the hard work has gone into the design, sculpting, and mold making of the nativity statues.  Now it is the chance to see how the molds looks!  The fiberglass mother mold pieces are removed first revealing just the silicone mold.

The Silicone Molds are Carefully Removed from the Nativity Statues

The silicone molds of the nativity statues are removed at the flanges.  With a very sharp blade, the rubber is cut away at the flange revealing the clay statue inside.  This process is best accomplished with two to three people to make sure you get a clean parting line of the mold.  After the flange has been cut, the silicone rubber mold is carefully removed from the statue.  Part of the process can be destructive to the statue.  The silicone mold is then placed into the fiberglass mother molds.

Everything went as planned with the molds, and they turned out beautiful.  The molds are then reassembled and bolted together to prepare them for casting the actual nativity sculptures.  The molds are very large and it takes a few people and the forklift to manage them properly.  We are exited how they look, they will make great nativity castings! castings!