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Product Ready for Shipping

Each statue from Big Nativity is crated with extreme care. We pride ourselves in having a great track record in shipping [...]

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Post Painting of the Nativity

Post painting the nativity statues gives them a very different look and feel.  If you [...]

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Casting the Larger than Life Size Nativity Statues

Casting the larger than life size nativity statues starts with the assembly of the molds.  The molds are carefully assembled so that the seams fit [...]

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Demolding the Nativity Statues

It is the moment of truth.  All the hard work has gone into the design, sculpting, and mold making of the nativity statues.  Now it [...]

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Applying the Mold to the Nativity Statues

Molds for heroic size statuary can either be made of fiberglass, or a combination of silicone rubber and fiberglass.  Where there is significant detail in [...]

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Sculpting the Larger than Life Nativity Statues

Sculpting of the larger than life nativity statues complete! Sculpting the larger than life [...]

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Applying Clay to the Foam Armatures of the Nativity Statues

Applying the Clay to Foam. The first step to completing the heroic size statue at this point [...]

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Cutting the Life Size Nativity Armatures with the CNC Machine

After the maquettes have been scanned, and the work on the mesh data completed, we generate the G-Code and program the CNC router machine for [...]

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Digitally Scanning the Small Nativity Sculptures for Enlargerment

Once the clay work is completed on the maquettes, it is time to scan.  Scanning is performed with a laser scanner which redraws the model [...]

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Sculpting Maquettes of the Life Size Nativity

The maquettes, are small models of the final sculpture.  You start sculpting the maquette using a wire armature which is in proportion to all the [...]

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Concept Design of Life Size Nativity Set

A concept design is thought out, then than concept design is put to paper, this is the sketch. The sketch is drawn out on paper, [...]

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